Horse Racing
Friday, 09 Nov 2018
Track: GOOD


Race 1    Cascade Draught Pace Ms    2090m    13:57
Race 2    6tyo Youngbloods Challenge Ht3 Ms    2090m    14:32
Race 3    Rexel North Hobart Claimer Ms    2090m    15:07
Race 4    Olympus Feeds Trot Ms    2090m    15:43
Race 5    Roberts Sprint Lane Pace Ms    1609m    16:23
Race 6    6tyo Youngbloods Challenge Ht4 Ms    2090m    17:03
Race 7    Simon Law Farrier Trotters Pace Ms    2090m    17:43
Race 8    Sky Racing Pace Ms    1609m    18:22

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