Horse Racing
Friday, 09 Nov 2018
Track: GOOD


Race 1    The Bunyip Maiden Stake    400m    12:25
Race 2    Michaelkris Real Estate Stake    400m    12:41
Race 3    Gawler Dry Cleaners Mixed Stake    400m    13:03
Race 4    Nixon's Function Centre Ht1    400m    13:19
Race 5    Northern Suburbs Glass Service Ht2    400m    13:39
Race 6    Greyhound Adoption Program Sa Ht1    531m    13:54
Race 7    Giddy-Up Ht2    531m    14:14
Race 8    The Bunyip Mixed Stake    531m    14:34
Race 9    Michaelkris Real Estate Stake    400m    14:57

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