Horse Racing
Friday, 17 May 2019
Track: GOOD


Race 1    The Fitz Sports Bar Sprint C2    295m    09:57
Race 2    Garrard's Horse & Hound Stakes C0    520m    10:15
Race 3    Addington Events Centre Sprint C3    295m    10:33
Race 4    Springston Hotel Dash C2    295m    10:50
Race 5    A2c Asphalt 2 Concrete Dash C3    295m    11:08
Race 6    Kolorful Kanvas Sprint C2    295m    11:25
Race 7    Fox & Ferret @ The Palms Dash C2    295m    11:43
Race 8    I Pave Concrete Sprint C3    295m    12:01
Race 9    Christchurch Casino Stakes C2    520m    12:18
Race 10    The Turf Bar Stakes C4/5    520m    12:36
Race 11    Carols T.A.B Clendon Inn Sprint C4    295m    12:53
Race 12    Shirley Vet Clinic Stakes C3    520m    13:11

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