Horse Racing
Thursday, 13 Jun 2019
Track: GOOD


Race 1    G-Six Saints Meat - Butchers Stake    515m    19:10
Race 2    G-Six Viva Team Wear Maiden Stake    515m    19:28
Race 3    G-Six Galipo Food Services Stake    515m    19:52
Race 4    G-Six Sa Elite Services - Stake    515m    20:13
Race 5    G-Six Fluro Skip Bins Free For All    731m    20:37
Race 6    G-Six North East Isuzu - Stake    515m    20:58
Race 7    G-Six Adelaide Autoworx Stake    515m    21:22
Race 8    2017 Agrc / Grsa Auction    515m    21:43
Race 9    G-Six Big Chief Truck Hire Stake    515m    22:07
Race 10    G-Six Glanville Hotel Stake    515m    22:26
Race 11    2017 Agrc / Grsa Auction    515m    22:47
Race 12    G-Six Cash Up Your Club@grsa Stake    515m    23:05

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