Horse Racing
Thursday, 13 Jun 2019
Track: GOOD


Race 1    Welcome To Cambridge Sprint    375m    10:10
Race 2    Garrards Horse & Hound Sprint    375m    10:27
Race 3    Farmlands Virkon Series Final    375m    10:44
Race 4    Dogzone Sprint    375m    11:01
Race 5    Vetora Cambridge Sprint    375m    11:20
Race 6    Farmlands Coprice Sprint    375m    11:37
Race 7    Greyhounds North Maiden Distance    650m    11:54
Race 8    The Clubhouse Sports Bar Sprint    375m    12:13
Race 9    Mayhounds Racing Retirement Final    375m    12:29
Race 10    Superior Chunky Dog Rolls Sprint    375m    12:47
Race 11    Affordable Pet Accessories Stakes    457m    13:04
Race 12    Mike Stent Decorators Ltd Stakes    457m    13:22

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